The current global pandemic has seriously affected businesses and consumer behavior. Add to that the recent Amazon affiliate rate cuts and Google algorithm updates, and you have an uncertain situation with businesses everywhere scrambling to survive.

Although ad rates have been hit, as well, display ads have always been a solid business model, and they continue to provide an effective way for businesses to capture a few seconds of their customers’ fleeting attention spans.

In this article, I’ll discuss what high-impact ads are and how they can help you get the results you want from your marketing campaigns.

What Are High Impact Ads?

Remember the old saying: ‘right message, right consumer, right time’? Well, today’s consumers demand a lot more than that. It’s now vital for brands to identify moments that allow them to go beyond the ad itself to help them build a strong and lasting emotional connection with the consumer.

In order to build the kind of relationship that keeps the user engaged and interacting with the business, an impact needs to be made where, and when it matters most.

And that’s where high-impact ads come in.

In its purest form, high-impact advertising refers to non-standard, scalable ad formats that have rich media features. At their core, these large-canvas formats use creativity to capture the attention of your audience, invite interaction, and build an emotional connection.