We Have Experienced, Dedicated Developers Who Can Engineer, Modify, Customize, Integrate, and Redesign An Application or Website That Meets Your Industry Requirements. We’ve Built Over 16,000 Applications Over The Last 22+ Years And We Are Confident That We Can Bring Your Vision To Life Today.

We offer:

👉🏼 Web application development

👉🏼 API development / Integrations / Automations

👉🏼 Frontend/backend development


Tech stack:

  • Front: React / Vue / Svelte / Next.js / Nuxt.js / Redux / React Native / React Query / typescript
  • Back: Node.js / Express / Golang
  • CD: Docker / Kubernetes / Helm / Ansible / AWS / GCP
  • Databases: Postgres / Mongo / Cockroach.db / MySQL / Firebase
  • Message brokers: Kafka / NATS / RabbitMQ
  • APIs: gRPC / REST / graphql

more experts we are

Web Development (Back-end)

  • Production applications built with Prisma, NextAuth, and TypeScript.
  •  Experience with Web Sockets & tRPC –
  • Experience with SQL database, including Postgres, MySQL, SQLite. Web Development (Dev/Ops)
  • we have relevant expertise designing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, JQuery, TypeScript, and C# within a variety of design/development platforms and frameworks, including React, XCode, VSCode, WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, Firebase, Heroku, and Unity
  • Experience with AWS: Lambdas, ECR, CodeCommit, SES.
  • Experience with Git, VS Code, IDEs (IntelliJ, Eclispe, VS Studio)
  •  Experience with SaaS platforms PlanetScale, Vercel, and Railway
  • Experience with configuring CI/CD pipeline integrations with Github, Bitbucket, and AWS.
  • Django 3.x/4.x, Python 3.x., & Django Rest Framework
  • REST API for startups and prototypes in e-commerce, data-sci, bio-medical, physics, GIS, housing energy, etc.
  •  Frontend Development with HTML 5, CSS 3, React 14-18, JS, jQuery, TypeScript – Cloud Architecture and Dev Ops in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IMB Cloud
  •  Database design & Development in PostgreSQL
  •  Toolset preferred is JetBrains (I am a technical partner), Postman, Trello